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  Building muscle can be a complex and confusing concept. There is a lot of conflicting information and misleading messages in the media and locker room about how to achieve the perfect body. As personal trainer's and a certified strength and conditioning coach's our job is to dispel the myths and provide our clients with the facts about building muscle. Whether its 14 pound of muscle in 28 days or toning and sculpting your muscles for the body you want get the best evidence based weight training programme, nutritional plan, money can buy with Glasgow Personal Trainers. Check out our muscle personal training page.

Ten Top Training Tips For Muscle Building

From A Glasgow Personal Trainer

 Personal Trainer Tip 1

"Progression Equals Great Results"
 For optimal muscle growth weight training programmes should be progressed every week, by increasing either weights, sets, exercise number, exercise difficulty, or reducing rest between sets. Ask a qualified personal trainer to design such a programme.
Personal Trainer Tip 2

"Training Volume Differences"
 Ideal volume to train for building muscle is 8-12 rep max & 2-5 sets, taking 1-3 mins rest. 1-6 reps will build strength and not muscle size, take plenty of rest in between sets (3-5mins). To increase muscle endurance perform 15 +reps and take little rest between sets (30sec-1min).
Personal Trainer Tip 3
"Train To Failure For Great Growth"
 All sets should be performed with the heaviest weights possible to failure in good form without compromising technique. If you can perform  more reps than your target amount on a exercise increase your weight. To build serious muscle you must push your muscle as hard as possible to failure.
 Personal Trainer Tip 4

"Rest to Help Muscles Grow"
 Take 48 hours rest in between working muscle groups to optimise recovery and muscle growth. Without rest muscle growth will be interrupted and over-training syndrome more likely. Its not just the training that makes you bigger and stronger its also the rest in between. A good nights sleep is especially helpful to recovering muscles
Personal Trainer Tip 5

"Big Muscle Building Exercises"
 Multiple Joint exercises like the squat (glutes), bench press (chest), shoulder press (shoulders), and pull-ups (back) build the most muscle mass. So always put these exercises at the start of your workout when your muscles are freshest and can lift the most. If your unsure about these techniques ask a personal trainer to show you
 Personal Trainer Tip 6

"Exercises To Add The Finishing Touches"
 Single joint exercises like knee ext (quads), flys (chest), lat raise (shoulders), bicep curl (arms) don't build as much muscles but can stress and build parts of the muscle that multiple joint exercises miss, therefore improving the overall appearance of the muscle.
 Trainer Tip 7

"Split Day Workouts Get Results Faster"
 Split day workouts will allow you to stress the muscles even more by performing more exercises thus volume lading to even more muscle growth. Try a chest/ triceps day, back/ bicep day,  and a shoulders/ legs day. Alternatively get in touch with an advanced personal trainer to write a split day programme for you.
 Personal Trainer Tip 8

"Keep Sessions to One Hour"
 Try not to workout for longer than 1 hour to avoid the muscles going into a catabolic state. This is when your energy system starts breaking down muscle for energy. Not good if you wish to put muscle on! Another way to stop your body going into a catabolic state is to make sure you eat enough before and after your workouts.
 Personal Trainer Tip 9

"Advanced Training Methods Greater Gains"
 Employ advanced weight training techniques like supersets, tri-sets, giant sets, strip sets, and pyramid training to push your muscles further. These techniques allow you to stress your muscles a lot more than normal workoutsIf you are unsure what these techniques are ask a personal trainer.
 Personal Trainer Tip 10

Work Muscles For The Perfect Shape
 Always design your program so you work muscle groups evenly. For instance a lot of guys in the gym will over work their chest and not perform enough back exercises. This leads to shortening of the chest muscles and poor overall appearance.


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