Lose up to 1 Stone of Body Fat in 28 Days & Keep it Off 

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@ Glasgow Personal Trainers
 Glasgow Personal Trainers: 3 Step Process for Fat Loss

  Step 1. The Eating Plan 
 Step 2. The Training Plan
  Step 3. The Habit Plan

Step 1: The Eating Plan

Glasgow Personal Trainers have spent 7 tireless years of researching and working closely clients to find an eating plan that works for reducing body fat.  Our eating plans aim is to control the hormones to boost your metabolism and increase fat loss.
 Step 2: The Training Plan

 Your training programme will designed specifically for your body type and what you enjoy. This is not a one size fits all exercise class. Your programme will include the exercises that works best for you. We know exactly what works to get fat off for good.
Step 3: Motivation & Long-term Habit Change

 Glasgow Personal Trainers believe that for positive long-term change we need to look at the habits that have caused us to become overweight in the first place. See our personal trainers for motivation page to find out our unique approach to changing our clients habits Glasgow personal Trainers For Motivation
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