Personal Training For Motivation

    Struggling to Maintain the Changes You Need to Make?  

  Discover How to Achieve Longterm Change 

  For a Healthier Life 

@ Glasgow Personal Trainers

 Lacking Motivation & Unable to Break Old Habits?

 Research indicates that 40% of the decisions we make are unconscious and performed out of pure habit. At Glasgow personal trainers we've found a unique way to help empower our clients and help them the tools to change their habits to start paving the way for a healthier life.

 Changing Habits

 Its very difficult to make a habit completely disappear as are deeply ingrained in our brains after years practise. But at Glasgow Personal Trainers we have found a system that will help you replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Its about helping you discover the cues that precede the habits and getting the right rewards that allow you to maintain them.

Keystone Habits

 Many people think that in order to get healthy you need to completely overhaul your life. This might not be the best strategy. At Glasgow Personal Trainers we have found that concentraining on 1 or 2 keystone habits can cause a ripple like effect in all aspects of your life and give you the momentum for long-term change. When you sign up we will identify your own keystone habits and how to make them flourish

Creating Goals

Goal setting is much more than writing down what you want to achieve.

At Glasgow personal trainers we have developed a goal setting programme that plots your higher objectives, intermediate goals, and basic actions to promote long term inner effotless change.

 Creating Belief

 At times of great stress we are likely to fall back into the routine of old bad habits no matter how well developed our new habits are. At Glasgow personal trainers we found that belief in a higher power is what will get you through these times. We will help you find you develop this belief in yourself to get you through these hard times.