City Centre Pilates for Improving Flexibility, Range of 

Motion, Core Stability, Injury Prevetion and Rehabilitation 

@ Glasgow Personal Trainers
 Glasgow Personal Trainers:  Pilates Classes

Goal 1 Core Stability & Strength
Goal 2
 Flexibility & Range of Motion
Goal 3
 Injury Prevention & Rehab
Pilates Goal 1: Increase Core Stability & Stregnth

One of the main goals of our pilates classes is to work muscles that exist deep within the body that other workouts can miss. These exercises will help improve functional performance, correct portural problems, while toning muscles.
 Pilates Goal 2: Increase Flexibility & Range Of Motion

 Your Our pilates classes aim to promotr balance between muscles by increasing flexibility of muscles and range of motion at joints. Let your body discover a range of motion it never new existed while lengthening your limbs.
Pilates Goal 3: The Prevention & Rehabilitation of Injuries

 Long hours hunched over a desk, spending too long in the driving seat, and carrying old injuries if unresolved can affect posture and physical well-being. Our pilates classes will take into account your injury history and aim to resolve them. 
 Classes are ran by Kelly Bass who is a fully certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Email her directly at or by phone on 07984 321471