Recovery, Relief, & Relaxation
sporst massage 

Specialised deep tissue sports massage

Improve muscular function and circulation

Speed up the relief of muscular tension, aches and pains

Accelerate the rate of recovery between workouts

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What are the Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage is a specialised deep tissue massage aimed promoting muscular health and function. Some of the many physiological benefits are relief of muscular tension, lactate acid removal, increasing oxygen supply and the reduction scar tissues. These physiological benefits will leave your muscles feeling replenished and relaxed.


Sports Massage V's Swedish Massage

One of the main differences between normal Swedish massage and deep tissue sports massage is the depth and pressure of strokes. The deeper strokes from sports massage allow for greater relief of muscle tightness, flushing of waste products and the improvement of blood supply. Sports massage is also more aimed at treating individual muscles, there functionality and balance.



Boost Recovery Between Workouts

With only so many hours in the day it can be difficult to find the time to recover between workouts. Sports massage can increase the rate of recovery between exercise sessions. This is great news for exercise enthusiast and sports person as it can help them avoid over training syndrome, while helping them get the most benefits from there workouts, and rid the muscle of tension and scar tissue that cause injuries.



Occupational Related Injuries

Deep tissue sports massage is not solely for sports people and exercise enthusiasts. Occupational related injuries and postural problems due to long working hours are on the rise and can affect your quality of life. Deep tissue massage can help alleviate these issues by reducing muscular tension and stiffness. So if you suffer from lower back, neck or shoulder tightness nip it in the bud before it starts to affect the quality of your life.

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Specialised Sports Massage Technique

Neuro-Muscular Techniques- are a deep pressure  movements used to rid the muscles of tension.

Soft Tissue Release-are used to produce fast ,effective relief of local areas of severe soft tissue tension.

Transverse Frictions- deep tissue massage technique used to break down scar tissues from old injuries.

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