Hire the Best Personal Trainers for Weight Loss
 The key to long lasting weight loss and body fat reduction in the quickest possible time is a sound nutritional plan, effective exercise programme, and positive lifestyle changes. Glasgow Personal Trainers help advise, motivate, and train clients on how to lose weight, reduce fat and drop inches to achieve the body they want. We have formulated and eating and exercise plan that can help you lose up to 20 pounds of body fat in 28 days. Have a look at the following page for weight loss tips courtesy of Glasgow Personal Trainers.

Ten Top Weight Loss Tips

from Personal Trainer's in Glasgow

Personal Trainer Tip 1

"Muscle is the key to unlocking fat stores"
 At Glasgow Personal Trainers we're obsessed with designing programmes to boost your metabolism, and use fat as a fuel source, and what we've learnt is that increasing muscle is the key.  So get ready to start weight training.
 Personal Trainer Tip 2

"Eat Quality Nutrients"
 Forget strarving yourself: the only things you'll get is ill-health and a ruined metabolism from malnutrition. So for a quality body eat quality nutrients. This means real un-processed foods, cooked by traditional means from a wide vareity of sources
Personal Trainer Tip 3

"Dont fear saturated fats"
 New research is suggesting that we got it wrong on the fight against saturated fats and that in fact excess sugar, wheat and vegetable oil are the culprits. So organic eggs, butter, coconut oil, and steak are on the menu.
Personal Trainer Tip 4

"Its more than burning some
If your main focus on losing weight is burning calories you maybe setting yourelf up to fail. Research indicates that if we dont get our diet sorted out we just end up replacing the caloroies we burn through food. So train smart and get a well designed eating plan.
 Personal Trainer Tip 5

"Boost Your Metabolism"
 By increasing your muscle mass through resistance training you will speed up your metabolism and direct nutrients to your muscles rather than being stored as body fat. You will also give your body tone. Avoid skipping meals as this will slow down your metabolism making weight gain more likely.
 Personal Trainer Tip 6

"Check Your
Body Fat"
 Only checking your weight on your scales will not give you a true reflection of your hard work in the gym. Instead checking a fat percentages and inches lost will give a more accurate picture by telling you if a small weight loss is due to muscle gain or a low fat loss. Photos are also great visual indicators.
 Personal Trainer Tip 7

"Consider intermittent fasting"
 Consider intermittent fasting which many of our clients have found an incredibly effective means of losing body fat. Check out  the 5:2 or 16:8 methods to see what suits you best
 Personal Trainer Tip 8

"Burn Calories Outside
The Gym"
 Small increases in your daily physical activity can make all the difference for long term weight loss. You can burn 250Kcal more a day by taking stairs rather than lifts, walking for lunch, or getting off the bus one stop earlier can lead to more than a two stone weight loss. Over the course of a year this is almost 2 stone of weight.
 Personal Trainer Tip 9

"Avoid Injury, avoid set-backs"
 Don't just throw yourself full throttle into the gym or your training without professional advice as this can lead to injury and a serious set back to your weight loss plans. Seek out a fully qualified personal trainer to help you get a progressive weight loss exercise programme and correct muscular and postural imbalances.
Personal Trainer Tip 10

"Get some
 People who have social support have been most likely to achieve long-term weight loss. This can be found in the for of family and friends or a friendly personal trainer. If you cant afford a personal trainer try and get a training buddy.


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